C. David Rollins, Author

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AFE book cover
Lost and alone, light-years from Earth, Matt Roper and his friends must outwit the most ruthless empires in the galaxy.
Akiesha book 1 cover
Part 1 (Chaps 1-3):  Akiesha Walker is having strange, disturbing dreams. Are they connected with the creature she and her friend Jordan discover on the Martian surface?
Akiesha book 2 cover
Part 2 (Chaps 4-6):  The creature that they first discovered was only the prototype for a far more dangerous full production model. Deep beneath the Martian surface, Akiesha meets the ultimate killing machine.
Akiesha book 3 cover
Part 3 (Chaps 7-9):  The terrifying creatures are attacking Martian village of Carlsbad. How can one young schoolgirl and her friend save the stricken colony?